Before starting construction, when starting a new business or engaging in certain business transactions, including renewing an environmental permit, having an attorney by your side can help reduce legal exposure.  Likewise, having an attorney advocate for you can help ensure that others are complying with the law.

To ensure compliance with environmental laws, individuals and businesses may need to navigate federal, state, and local laws.  There are permits and laws related to land use, the protection of wildlife, clean air, and clean water.  The need for a permit may even vary by topography of the land.  Failure to obtain the necessary permits or non-compliance with a permit can lead to criminal charges, fines, probation, jail, and costly civil litigation. 

To ensure compliance with these environmental laws, contact The Law Office of Phillip E. Chalker.  Phillip Chalker has worked to help clients navigate all sorts of environmental permitting processes. He has helped clients obtain clean air and clean water permits.  He has fought the construction of various facilities.  Mr. Chalker has advocated and negotiated with regulatory agencies and civic groups to help ensure that environmental permits meet clients’ needs.  Moreover, Mr. Chalker has helped non-profits ensure that businesses’ environmental permits meet rigid standards.  Contact Phillip Chalker today at (443) 961-7345 or phillip@attorneychalker.com for a free consultation.