Various fields of law fall within the purview of consumer protection.  Phillip Chalker has worked in many of those fields and has helped consumers resolve legal matters related to auto repossession, failure to honor warranties, fraudulent electronic funds transfers, and usurious contracts, among other areas of consumer protection. 

Often, consumer protection laws subject the person and/or business that violated the law to civil and criminal penalties.  Sometimes, the law may entitle the consumer to monetary damages beyond what the consumer suffered.  The criminal penalties and the additional monetary damages that a consumer could be awarded are designed to dissuade people and businesses from taking advantage of consumers.  In addition, depending on which consumer protection law was violated, consumers could be awarded attorney fees. 

A lawyer versed in consumer protection laws can help you obtain the relief you deserve. Contact Phillip Chalker today at (443) 961-7345 or to obtain for a free consultation.