Traffic tickets can significantly impact you.  Drivers who were ticketed may be subject to both judicial hearings at a court and administrative hearings at the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA).  Traffic tickets can result in costly fines, increased insurance rates, points on your license, a suspended license, and jail.  A suspended license can greatly impact your ability to work and care for you and your family’s needs. 

Phillip Chalker will work tirelessly to investigate the circumstances under which you were ticketed in an effort to have evidence used against you deemed inadmissible so that charges are dropped prior to going to court.  If the charges cannot be dropped, he will defend you in court and seek an acquittal or negotiate to reduce the penalties and charges against you.

In many instances, if you live outside of Maryland, I can appear in Maryland court on your behalf so that you do not have to come all the way to Maryland for your hearing.  To learn more about the traffic services offered by the Law Office of Phillip E. Chalker call (443) 961-7345 or email for a free consultation.